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What Signs Need To Be Posted On A Construction Site?

All construction sites need a variety of signs to keep employees and visitors safe when they're working or touring the area. In general, OSHA has several different requirements for signage on a construction site, broken into three types:

General Requirements include all job site signs related to the safety and well-being of the workers.

Specific Requirements deal with particular hazards found on a construction site that need a sign to alert them.

Compliance Requirements are signs that show the construction company complies with OSHA standards.

General requirements for signs on a construction site include all restrictions to entry, like "Restricted Area" and "Authorized Personnel Only," as well as any security warning like "Crime Watch Area" or "Beware of Dog." In addition, it's essential to include specific instructions for any working equipment on the construction site, like "Wet Floor" for a wet paint line or "Sharp Tools in Use" beside a table saw.

Specific requirements require that all construction sites have signs posted about three main hazards: being struck by an object, electrocution, and caught-in/between hazards. When there's a possibility that an object might strike employees or visitors, then you must post signs that say "Warning: Falling Objects." If working on or near power lines, there needs to be a sign posted saying "Danger: High Voltage" for any voltage up to 1000 volts, or "Danger: Live Wires" for anything more than 1000 volts. These signs need to be visible in both English and the primary language of any employees who might not speak English fluently.

Caught-in/between hazards include any hazard where someone might get stuck, like between pieces of machinery or in an elevator. For example, suppose there's any possibility that someone might get stuck in an elevator. In that case, the elevator needs to be out of service with a sign saying "Out of Service" clearly visible.

Compliance requirements include signs like "Authorized Personnel Only," which shows that only authorized employees are allowed to enter the construction site; this sign is for the safety of the employees because it keeps all non-employees off the construction site. Suppose there are any security issues on a site. In that case, the company needs to post signs that say "Crime Watch Area," If personal belongings are allowed on site but not in open areas, there must be a sign saying "Property Conspicuously Stored."

Every construction site needs to have several signs posted because it shows that the company cares about the safety of its employees, customers, and visitors. If anyone has questions or concerns about proper signage on a construction site, they should contact their local OSHA office.

If your construction site requires signage for a specific hazard or need, contact Precision Reprographics for help. We specialize in various sign types and can ensure your site is fully compliant with OSHA standards.


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