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What Are Unique Types Of Signage?

When you want to stand out in a crowd and make sure that your brand voice gets spread far and wide, professional signage can help. Business signs come in many forms, depending on the situation and the aesthetics you hope to achieve. In this article, we'll discuss some of the different options available today.

Outdoor Signs

Outdoor signs are among the most common types of signage available to businesses, from small shops in a strip mall to large commercial buildings. Many factors will determine the type of sign you require for your outdoor location, but some general guidelines can help you decide.

The first thing you need to consider is where you are going to place the sign. Factors including where the sign will display, its daily exposure to sunlight, and the type of sign you need will help determine what works best for your signage. For example, if you plan to put up an outdoor sign on a busy street or in front of your business, wind resistance is essential to avoid falling during inclement weather.

If you need interior signs, you can choose from many different materials depending on the look you want to achieve. From wood to aluminum and vinyl, several options will suit your needs. You may even consider an illuminated sign if your business hours extend into the evening hours or your storefront is on a dark street.

Vehicle Wraps

Another option that many companies are turning to is vehicle wraps. This high-quality sign provides your business with top-of-mind awareness from people passing by on their daily commute, making it great for small businesses in less congested areas. In addition, companies can transform their fleet cars into mobile billboards by using this simple advertising idea.

Wraps are available in high-end vinyl materials, helping to protect your vehicle against UV fading and minor surface damages - this layer of protective vinyl blocks against minor damages such as paint scratches and rock chips. With proper care, car wraps can last for lengthy periods while helping to promote your business or company.

Wraps are versatile and are applicable for many companies, ranging from service providers, hotel shuttles to Uber cars to big rigs, including tour buses, semi-trucks, and trailers!

Grab The Attention Of Passerby

If you want to attract more potential customers and increase awareness in your community, outdoor signs and vehicle wraps are great options. Consider what type of signage would best suit your business, and be sure to hire the services of a professional who will help turn your vision into reality.

For more information on outdoor signs, contact Precision Repro today! The experienced sign and car wrap designers team at Precision Repro will help you create the perfect signs or vehicle wraps for your company.


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