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What Are The Different Types Of Signage Used In The Store?

Hello there, business and retail shop owners! Today, we're setting our sights on the bustling world of retail, taking a deep dive into the myriad types of signage you can find in stores. As a professional sign printing company, we're proud to offer many types of signage and printing services to help your business stand out in a competitive environment.

Exterior Signs

First impressions matter! That's why exterior signage is the first type we'll discuss. Any signs displayed outside the store to attract potential customers are exterior signs.

Storefront signs are the centerpiece of your brand. Storefront signs come in various materials, including backlit displays for a vivid, eye-catching look that stands out, day or night.

Have a larger property? Roadside signs help grab the attention of passersby.

Is your shop in a strip mall? A-Frame Signs or hanging signs are the perfect invitations for people walking by to stop in and look around.

Directional Signage

Have you ever felt overwhelmed or lost when entering a new store? Don't let this happen to your guests! Directional signage, or wayfinding signs, aids customers in navigating your store with ease.

Hanging Signs - Hanging signs are common in larger or department stores to indicate different sections. Affixed from the ceiling, customers can read them from afar.

Floor Decals - If your customers always look down at their phones, why not put your signs there too? Floor decals can guide customers around your store or towards promotional items.

Promotional Signage

Promotional signage is where the fun begins! Promotional signage helps highlight specific products or deals.

Endcap Displays - You'll find end cap displays at the end of aisles, perfect for highlighting seasonal or special offer items.

Point-of-Purchase Signs - Typically located near the checkout, point-of-purchase signs encourage impulse buys or quick and easy upsells. They might be small, but they're mighty effective!

Informational Signage

Keep customers in the loop with informational signage.

Store Hours Signs - A must-have for any storefront, letting customers know business hours, delivery or pickup availability, and other operational details.

Policy Signs - These signs provide essential information about store policies, such as return or restroom policies.

Decorative Signage

A store isn't just a place to shop - it's an experience! Decorative signage enhances the store's atmosphere and reinforces its branding.

Wall Murals - Murals quickly transform a plain wall into a statement wall that reflects your brand. They're a great way to create an immersive, branded environment.

Backlit Displays - Bright, vibrant, eye-catching displays draw attention to a specific area or product.

Signage is an art form that combines creativity, design, and strategic thinking. So contact us to start the conversation if you have a new store or need to refresh your existing signs and printed material.


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