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How Do You Stand Out At A Trade Show?

So, you have an exciting trade show exhibition in your future - that's awesome! Whether you've presented at hundreds of shows or you're sponsoring your first event, it's critical to stand out!

Here are some helpful tips to stand out from the crowd to achieve the best results from your next exhibition or trade show.

Choose Your Booth Location Wisely!

When selecting your booth location, pick a prominent location if you like an easy win to get in front of the most people. For example, a booth on an aisle or popular path can reach several thousand footfalls in a day, which is undoubtedly more foot traffic than booths tucked into the back of the hall.

Be Aware Of Attendee Mood Preferences

Different shows attract different crowds. So, if you're aware of what kind of event it is - for example, a consumer show versus a corporate event - you can adapt your booth accordingly. For instance, a corporate or B2B-focused trade show could be more formal, so you may want to keep your booth in that tone. However, if it's a consumer or B2C-focused event, you could opt for more relaxed décor with bright colors and bolder lighting.

Don't Be Afraid To Create The Experience You Desire!

If you want big crowds in front of your booth, don't be afraid to go after it. Whether that experience includes an elaborate exhibition, a lineup of giveaways, or just the perfect booth design - you have to be bold and confident! These days, exhibition booths are all about the experience.

Plan Ahead

Your promotional materials must stand out at a trade show. Whether you're incorporating high-end digital printing for your event banner, or using premium print media such as tradeshow graphics, offset litho brochures, and flyers, you want them to capture people's attention from across the room. However, don't make the mistake of not having enough literature, sales, or promotional materials on hand to satisfy all those who stop by to learn more.

Bulk Up Your Online Buzz

Creating online buzz ahead of your event builds excitement and anticipation for the event. Luckily, these days there are so many excellent opportunities out there for you, including your social media channels. So whether your pre-event buzz campaign includes contests or prizes for exhibiting leads, starting conversations with attendees through Twitter and LinkedIn, or hosting Facebook contests - do what you can!

Work The Floor And Your Booth

Having a successful tradeshow takes more than just showing up. You or your representatives should be friendly, motivated, and comfortable speaking with people about your products or services. Not surprisingly, companies that staff their booth with people who continue to push their products strategically cumulatively make more sales.

If you could use a hand with print materials or signage for your trade show event, don't hesitate to contact the Dallas Print Shop professionals today!


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